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The Wood Chop Grip is a new design solving an age old problem; trying to hold a grip designed for a single hand, with both hands.  The comfort of the improved grip alone makes the wood chop grip a better solution.

From this...

Status Quo

More often than not, the grip handle used to perform the wood chop exercise is the single grip stirrup handle. which and cause a significant number of issues:

- Excessive pressure on fingers & joints

- Uncomfortable grip

- Virtually impossible for arthritic hands

To this

Improved Grip

Introducing the WOOD CHOP GRIP.  A better designed attachment for the wood chop exercise.

- No excessive pressure finger joints

- Very comfortable and natural grip

- Easily used with arthritic hands

The Wood Chop Grip is very versatile, meaning it can be used at at home/travelling utilizing resistance bands or at a  training facility with commercial equipment - with the ability to perform the exact same movements.

Home Use

Gym Use

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