Triceps Grip Attachment coming soon

Original Triceps Attachment

Did you realize the standard Triceps rope is contains millions of bacteria embedded within the twisted portion of the rope.  This is one of the only attachments that can not be properly cleaned using traditional methods in facilities

Improved Triceps  Attachment

The improved Triceps attachment can be easily cleaned using materials commonly found in most exercise facilities or homes. In addition, the the new grip handle provides for a better and more comfortable grip while performing various exercises.

Triceps Fat Grip Attachment coming soon

Original Triceps Attachment

Not only is this attachment a heaven for bacteria, The standard Triceps rope only provides a thin grip.

Fat Grip Triceps Attachment

The Fat Grip Triceps rope provides a thicker grip in order to enhance overall grip strength.  In addition, the gripping portion of the attachment can be cleaned with standard cleaners found in exercise facilities

Single Hand Grip coming soon

Original Grip

Grabbing the cable end itself just plan stinks, and is uncomfortable at best.  There has to be a better solution!

Improved Grip

Introducing the single hand grip with a stopper end.  Clearly a much more comfortable grip and no loose snap hooks to hold on to.

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