• Almost all athletic movements involve some type of rotational component.

  • These movements are typically created by a twisting motion utilizing a concentric muscular contraction.

  • Core strength provides the ability to concurrently generate and transfer power to the torso.

  • Two of the best exercises you can perform in order to develop core strength is the wood chop exercise and trunk twists.

Wood Chop Grip Handle


At FIT PHYSIQUE we aim to provide you with the tools to assist you in achieving your athletic goals.

Did you know the 7 movement patterns that your body relies on to get things done every day are:

  • Twist

  • Push

  • Pull

  • Squat

  • Lunge

  • Bend

  • Gait

We provide accessories that assist you  with the twist, push, and pull motions



To deeper illustrate how the the 7 movement patterns play into our lives one has to go back in time to our pre-historic days. From an evolutionary perspective, you would literally have to use all 7 movement patterns to simply survive. For example lunging to chase or collect food, squatting down to take a drink from a river, pushing to throw a spear while hunting, or twisting to escape the dangers of a wild animal.


Today, life looks very different. The days of hunting for food have been replaced with supermarkets,  escaping danger has been generally replaced by locking the front door of our houses, and so forth...Therefore we must exercise each of them in order to maintain a Fit Physique.

Introducing the wood chop grip handle.  A revolutionary new grip that enhances the overall bio-mechanics of the twist motion when performing the wood chop exercise.  Using this grip handle greatly reduces the stress put on the hands and fingers when performing the wood chop exercise as opposed to using a traditional stirrup style handle to perform the wood chop. 

More often than not, the grip handle used to perform the wood chop exercise is the single grip stirrup handle which potentially cause a significant number of issues:

- Excessive pressure on fingers & joints

- Uncomfortable grip

- Virtually impossible for individuals with        arthritic hand to grasp

The wood chop grip handle is an improved grip attachment designed specifically for the wood chop exercise.

- No excessive pressure finger joints

- Very comfortable and natural grip

- Easily used with authritic hands

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